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Old Truck New Fun!


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Some of you on here may remember me, it's been awhile since I've posted much. My current job has me so burned out all the time I have had no interest in doing much to my truck or anything related to it. But a new job is coming and with that and having saved my ass off the last year or so, its time to renew my interest in my truck!


As it sits now minus black wheels...



Pretty much everything about the truck can been seen in my sig. I no longer have the black wheels, traded those to a guy at work for some work on the truck ive had done. It currently has a little over 163k miles on the clock. Recently rebuilt the front diff only to uncover my LF hub bearing is going out. I have also installed powerslot oversized front rotors and slotted rears but my current 18s dont allow much breathing room for the calipers lol.


Now for the more interesting stuff...The main goal im shooting for is to have this truck up and running on 6-8lbs (500ish hp) for DD/Towing and then 10+ (550hp+)for street/strip fun. I know this might be trying to have my cake and eat it too but I know with a turbo its very easily done. Plans as of now are to do a compression test on this tired old 5.3, if it holds good pressure then im gonna let her eat! If not, ill find another 5.3 to swap. Again, this is for DD/towing/street fun. NOT a race truck lol. The turbo setup is one of Kyle (KBracing)'s T70 intercooled kits that will have wrapped log and DP. Plans will be to add a matching turbo cam and possibly True Flow intake to reach the max power goals. Currently running a completely stock 4l60e which i plan on upgrading it to something like a FLT lvl7. (IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME GET THESE PARTS THAT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!!!). If i cant find the parts then i might just go ahead and do the 80swap. Fuel will be 60# injectors and Bosch intank pump and will keep stock lines for now since im return style. Also looking for insight on regulators, I hear stock reg is fine and others say go to a boost refrenced reg.


Here is what I have for parts now waiting to go on. Not shown are the e-fans I have or the shackles I plan on putting on after all the turbo stuff is figured out.

Here's a picture of the Blackbear efan harness, put together very well. Also, if someone could tell me exactly where I need to splice the green wire in at and if both of those battery neg. cables go to the alt. bracket or not, that would be really awesome!



Rear diff studs and cover...




And the Truetrac.. someone please tell if it doesnt look like the right one, went off of summits search. ordered the 8.5/8.62 30 spline.




That pretty much covers everything I think... I'll be ordering some centerlines as soon as i can make my mind up on which ones I want. Im going to do the shackles after turbo along with either keys or spindles in the front. Also going to upgrade front sway bar and add rear sway bar with either Hotchkis or DJM components.


Comments and hints/tips/tricks/advice is all welcome!




And oh yea almost forgot to mention... Payment for the kit has already been sent and should be seen in 3-5 weeks! And im also aiming to get this up and running with a solid tune by May 18th, the day before I leave for Cruisin' Ocean City!!!

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Welcome back, I completely understand. After my layoff I took a job that burnred me out and wasn't enough to support any mods. Now I came up and have the mod bug again. Glad you're gettin back into it.........

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if u have the money, grab a 6.0 and an 80e. if the 5.3 is good still. just do the 80e swap. if ur 5.3 is burned out y waste time with another one since u will b pulling the motor? just grab that 6.0 they are EVERYWHERE/

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Thanks everyone... just hoping aside from the engine and everything else will hold up just fine. Engine wise not too worried how long this 5.3 will last since its mainly my DD and i dont race it or nothing so not gonna push it much. Plan on keeping it a 5.3 but am considering 80e swap just because I dont anywhere to get all the trans parts i need for the 60e. Might turn it past 10# someday but thats what my next project will be for.

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Small update... Still waiting on the turbo kit to get finished up and shipped. Hopefully not too much longer but I know Kyle (kbracing) has been busy with a lot of kits.



I have however purchased a set of used 20" centerlines so that I can get my winter wheels and tires off and have more clearance for my oversized front rotors.


Wheels are 20x8 Centerline Snipers.


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Well its time for another mini update...


Wheels and new tires are now on the truck. Will post some pics up when I get the truck all nice and clean. Also recieved word that my turbo kit will be shipping by the end of this week, just waiting for a couple vbands.


To do list:


Truetrac/studs/Moser cover

shackles and slight decrank


I want to at LEAST get that stuff done before I start up on the trans, fuel, and turbo parts.


Im now setting my completion goal for the FALL Ocean City cruise weekend.

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