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Ohio - North East Meet

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Ok guys. Since the SS Nats are a haul from us, I have been asking around at some local spots on car shows, and fun stuff to plan a meet. I can line up a day or two day meet in the summer. This would take place in Sandusky, and Norwalk Ohio. In Norwalk the plans are to meet at Summit Motorsports Park for some 1/4mi racing, and a little show.


That night there can be arrangements made to take the Jet Express from Sandusky to Kellys Island and Put In Bay for some partying.


Arrangements can also be made for a group discount on hotel rooms near the Jet dock to sleep it off.

The next day can include a trip to Cedar Point. This is also in Sandusky.

http://www.cedarpoint.com/ This is Americas #1 amusement park for those who have never been there. A great time for the whole family.


I would like to see how much interest is out there for the meet, and open it up to ALL SS vehicles. Old or new cars, trucks, suv's and Clones.


There are no tentitive dates planned as I am trying to get a feel for how many people would show up. I will post this link on other sites and if I get a good amount of responses for being in for it, I will get everything planned according.


I will also have some shirts made up that can be purchased ahead of time for those interested. Also If enough people are in, and if other types of vehicles are going to be there, I will try to plan a car show with a small entry fee, and awards.


Let me know and pass the thoughts to the SS community.

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I would be interested. I need to get the SS out of storage and some maintenance done. But I would love to get it out and stretch its legs out. I might not be able to make it until mid to late summer though. I think their is a member from RI or CT that wanted to take a trip IIRC, so that might be 2 NorthEast members.

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