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Tbss Trans Blew Up?


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Well my parents own a 06' Trailblazer SS, they bought it back in December and so far its been a great car until this last weekend. Only has 50,000 miles and drove awesome and tight and was owned by an old guy before them. Anyways I borrowed it over the weekend and was driving normally to the store (keep in mind its totally stock not a single mod) slowed down to turn a corner hit the gas about 1/2 way to accelerate moderately around the corner trans seemed to be in second and it tried to shift to first around 2500-3000 rpm and...... KABANG! No forward gears, and no reverse. Made a bad clicking sounds like something striping out, now it has no park so we towed it home. Can't believe it. Totally died, I'm guessing that the output shaft sheared off? Maybe something went wrong in the transfer case? Any ideas would be great but I'm pretty sure its the transmission though.... closedeyes.gif

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This happened to me, I wound up shearing the Splines off the Reaction Tube, which is apparently part of the Planetary Carrier Assembly.


Hmm this may be what happened. Think the entire transmission may have to be replaced with a built one....

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