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Nitrous Times!


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Well, I have been messing around with the nitrous systems for over a year so I figured I would post up what she does. I have been chasing issues with my system for what seems like forever and finally nailed it. I was having some varying fuel pressures coming off of the dedicated system (+/- 10psi) and a clogged nitrous filter. The FPR on the dedicated system had a poorly seated low pressure spring and my in-line filter nitrous filter was so clogged, it restricted flow enough to make the hit feel like nothing. I was using a FPSS which would trigger everytime the pressure swing would occur.


So a 200 hit using C-16 fuel was the ticket. I sprayed at roughly 5300RPM in 1st gear and through the shifts, hence the lower 60' (I would eat the wall dumping it off the line - if the drivetrain holds). It all held together for a nice run however a few small spikes of KR and 2 small backfires / misfires didn't add to the time. I was running NGK B8EFS plugs with roughly 15* of advance. Spraying 150, the BR7EF and 19* was solid so I took an educated guess at the 200 shot. Didn't get time to read the plugs.




10.862 @ 128.22 with a 1.763 60'


Didn't get any video however the slip is attached:


Island 10.86.jpg



Only "weight reduction" was my drag radials. I am thinking that a 250 shot (staged), some weight reduction (hard bed cover and mounting hardware, one of the nitrous bottles, less fuel etc.), tuning and on a perfect day, mid 10's isn't out of the question. :fingersx:


Since it ran 10's with the 200 shot, the 150 times are bunk however very low 11's was the best I could muster.

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Congrats again Kevin,


Did you arm the system manually when you sprayed or did you come off a delay? Did you progressive hit it or all at once? WIth your 4500 converter, did you make it past the 60 foot mark before hitting the bottle at 5300? What was your rpm as you crossed the lights, and did you have to pull 4th gear to make it...or lock the converter to control rpm. If you didn't lock the converter, since your running such a loose one, would it pay to lock her up in third?

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wow looks like the 10 second wall is crumbling , i just you a pm asking when the first outing would be before i read this . congrats man i sure as hell didnt expect that . glad to see some of us o.g.'s making it happen . now i have some work to do to dig deeper. that 60 ft still has some left in it as well , i know mine was horrible on the 10x pass with like a 1.85 . you do have the fastest 1/8th for an ss though . i havent broke 7.00 yet.


when is the next outing , you may just get the number one spot as i dont think ill be making it to the strip anytime time real soon and hot weather is imminute !!!




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