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Worlds Fastest Ram Srt10 Video


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This video was filmed with a lot of problems with the truck. The problems have since been worked out. Here is my video of the last time at the track.



There was a loose arcing battery and a boost leak. The 10.5 pass was with 8lbs of boost and a shorting battery. I think this truck will make low 9's or high 8's with 22lbs of boost. We will be doing another video in Famosa pretty soon.

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i dont know man , what was the boost on it ? the mph really isnt there for high deep 9's


There was a boost leak and was only running 8lbs or less. The MPH at Denver was 140 with 8lbs of boost. The truck was also arcing because of a broken battery hold down clamp. Either way we are hoping for low 9's and possibly high 8's with 22lbs of boost.

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Where's my slice?



Screw a slice, Im bring you the works straight from the North End in Boston from Pizzeria Regina, how about a case of Dom P to celebrate when he breaks that record!

Keep those SRT-10 vids rolling Brad :pepsicheer:

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