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Wrecked The Truck

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Title says it all. Was supposed to be nice today and I have not driven her for a couple months, so I decided to drive her into work. It was sitting in the back lot so nobody dings it and instead the Garbage Company backs into the side of it while trying to get to our dumpsters. When I asked him how he missed a full size red pickup he claims the morning sun was in his eyes. Makes me sick. One of our lot guys says he was on his phone when it happened. Worst of all, our body shop guys (I work at a dealer) says the frame looks tweaked. Needless to say, my weekend is not starting out very well. :mad: I will try to get some pics up once it is off the frame machine.

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Agreed, even worse; they guy who painted it last time no longer works at the place I had it done. So even if it is repairable, who is gonna do it, and how is a straightened frame gonna handle a 408/F1R combo? :shakehead:

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