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Guys With A Front 3" Drop


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Any of you guys ever experience the "Death Roll". Where you steering goes into a violent shake. I have a 3" drop using 2" McGauleys spindles and 1" keys. I have looked under the frontend but really don't see anything that sticks out at me. I did notice the CV joints are angled up and not lined up with the wheels but of coarse that's to be expected with a 3" drop. I am going to have it alighned and new tires put on it but it did this before I dropped it another 1". Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I know I'm getting tired of this crap. :banghead: Any suggestions would be great.

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No I have not experienced anything like you describe, but my truck DOES have a large degree of bumpsteer, on rough ground you don't steer it as much as you 'herd' it in the right direction.


Mr. P.

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It really does it when I get into the gas from a dead stop then she wants to let loose. It feels like I have oval tires. It can be so bad sometimes that the on coming trafic is like what the hell does he have hydraulics on that truck. LOL.

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