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Pics After Drop


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Haha gooshhh....Yall aer supposed to be LOOKING AT TEH TRUCK!!!!! NOT THE GIRL :)...anyways, the girl..Her name is Brittany, is my recent X-Girlfreind...as of like 2 months ago...we dated for a while like a year prolly....but she seen me in the mall taking pictures and thought she would stop by and maybe say hello, tease me alittle bit (#$&*&*$(*%(#$()*)* :)...but yeah, i got PLENTY PLENTY of more picutres in my PRIVATE collection if your interested :)...hehe jk....thanks for the compliments, on both her and my truck!

Jonathon K.


P.S. Thanks alot Jigga for posting pictures for me man I appreciate it!

P.P.S. No she doesnt have a sister, no she isnt single either!!!!!!! She does have 3 big brothers tho, all of which are about twice my size, none of them like me at ALL...but thats prolly typical right? hehe

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I decided to crop the picture a little. :jester:


Sorry I have to ask, is that your girlfriend?

If not is she single, if so does she have a sister?

you can bounce quarters off that A$$ :D

Maybe that smile was b/c shes leaving to find someone with a RED ss....?



sorry, just couldnt resist....

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Ahh hahahaha red SS.....Ahhhh hahaha...i cant stop my chest hurts...we have some comedians in here dont we...Yes i believe it is true, she said that she couldnt handle the BLACK SS...she said even though i was white, i mine as well be BLACK, it was just too much for her...so yeah, she might be lookin for a red one...but the reasoning doesnt make u Red guys look any better :) :) :).....

No its not the Mgaughy's kit....all it is is belltech shackles...the shackles are adjustable, there are too notches for 1'' or 2''.....the only reason i went with just shackles was it was 60$ for shackles, and like 350 for the kit and I believe with the kit you only get like 2 more '' out of the drop.....

Thanks for the compliments


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