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SS Dyno Runs


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For all of you that have Dyno'd your SS lets see the results of all those dollars and hard work......


Same format as 1/4 mile runs, and include dyno chart as link.....


If it grows maybe one of the Moderators will maintain.....Zippy?


Example: Screan Name: RWHP/RWTQ, Type of Dyno, (Truck Additions) Link to Dyno Chart.




1a. 35hp shot

2a. 50hp shot

3a. 75hp shot

4a. 90hp shot

5a. 100hp shot

6a. 125hp shot

7a. 135hp shot

8a. 150hp shot

9a. 175hp shot

10a. 200hp shot



1b. Vortech Supercharger

2b. Magnacharger Supercharger

3b. Powerdyne Supercharger

4b. Whipple Supercharger

5b. Kenne Bell Supercharger

6b. Procharger Supercharger

7b. Paxton Supercharger

8b. Intercooler upgrade

9b. Supercharger pulley upgrade

10b. STS Turbo

11b. W2W Turbo

12b. Powercooler/Supercooler

13b. Intercooler reservoir

14b. Upgrade Heat Exchanger

15b. Ported blower


Other parts

1c. Cam

2c. Heads

3c. Long tube headers

4c. Short tube headers

5c. Underdrive Pulley

6c. Shift kit

7c. Servo upgrade

8c. Cat back upgrade

9c. Cold air induction

10c. P.C.M upgrade

11c. Spark plug wires

12c. Torque converter upgrade

13c. Transmission upgrade

14c. Drag Radial/Slicks

15c. Wheel upgrade

16c. Weight reduction

17c. Mass air flow sensor upgrade

18c. Cooling fan upgrade

19c. Timing retard box

20c. Throttle body upgrade

21c. Throttle body coolant bypass

22c. Thermostat temperature change

23c. Gear ratio change

24c. Extra cubes

25c. Custom Tune

26c. New or Modified Intake Manifold

27c. Synthetic lubes

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I recently installed an STS kit with the GT35 61mm-68mm .68 A/R and Meth injection form AlkyControl.


Overall i love this thing. It spools so quick I can't decide if it is lag I feel or the trans finishing a downshift. It's that fast. So the lag garbage some people talk about is just that, garbage.


I was not over impressed by my peak #s but considering I was only at about 275rwhp after changing my setup from N/A to turbo friendly I guess 436rwhp,479rwtq wasn't too bad for a 5.3L.


I am upgrading to a GT67 with a 96mm exhaust housing to see if I can make some more upper RPM power and will keep those interested updated if you like.


My dyno sheet. Funny how it is so flat. I have a 3500stall now thanks to the TQ and I pretty much have over 400rwhp from the time I mash it and hit full boost till 6700rpm. We started the run at 4000rpm or so to keep the truck from downshifting into 2nd.




Here is a clip of the truck before the turbo with my N/A cam.


N/A 5.3L Z71 Ext.Cab


Here is another in a tunnel after the turbo so you can hear what it sounds like. I love the sound!!!




Anyway, just thought I would give you guys some input on the system since they are still kinda new. :)

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02 Caddy Escalade making near 500 RWHP

Hi guys,

Just wanted to post up these dyno graphs I keep forgetting to post.

The first is the 02 Escalade with the whipple supercharger with no intercooler, ported blower, and JBA headers and exhaust.


436 to wheels Ported blower, JBA

Note, it was still making power when we let off.  The owner did not want to exceed 6K rpm on the truck. 


Next is the same truck and mods with a 35 jetted shot of N2O


What can I say, but the fact that this truck is fun.....

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Both Gear M up and I pulled the front shaft out to get these runs done. There are AWD dyno's out there though, some in Washington and out west. Someone here has a list of them online, I remember seeing it.

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2003 Silverado SS "Victory Red"


2 Chamber Flowmaster Mufflers

Granatelli MAF Sensor

Hollowed-out Catalyic Converters

K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit

Hedman Headers

Corvette Servo w/ zinc seperator plate

RPMotorsports Dyno Tune


342 RWHP/ 389 RWTQ

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