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568/552 On 100 Shot

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Well got my wifes TBSS to the dyno last week and wanted to see how this NANO nitrous set up worked. So we did 2 pulls on the 100 pill best being 568rwhp/552tq on 91 ca shitty gas and running rich at 11.0. So hooked up the Nano kit and we sprayed another pass thinking no problem if it was a little rich on the 100 shot with the nano should lean it out and make more power. It didn't at all same hp pretty much. So did a few more passes out of it and still at 11.0.


Now this was about 6pm my time here in cali so about 8 in kansas and call Brad at nano and I told him what happened and he said its the flow valve on some of the bottles. He told me to send it back to them bottle and nano and they will replace the flow valve in the hsw bottle to theirs and then ship it to me and don't have to worry about paying until we see that it made a difference before/after the dyno pull.


He said that with the 100 shot being rich at 11.0 with the nano it should have leaned it out. He will test it all out there and send it back to me ready to spray on my truck. Just like to say thanks again to NANO for working with me on this.


Im shooting for 585/585 on a 100 shot on 91 gas.

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no matter what 568 i pretty damn good. is this all on a stock motor with basic bolt-ons? nice job. hope you hit your goal.


stock ls2 with cam/longtubes/4 inch intake and thru a 3600 stall and 4.10 gears which eats up even more power.

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