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A/C Recycle Button


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I'm posting this for a friend at work that has a 2003 2500 Silverado.


He told me the other day while driving home his A/C was doing fine then all of a sudden no air was blowing from the upper vents (Both Sides).


So he fiddled with the controls and finally after turning off the Recycle Button the air began to blow once again. Shortly after (Say 5 mins) He pressed in the Recycle button and I don't know how quick this happened be he lost air flow through the upper vents again.


He ended up just leaving it off and it worked fine for the rest of his ride home.


I don't know what control's he had but I do believe it's the "Slider" type.


He also claimed that he could hear the blower still running, just no air flow.


Any idea's that I could forward to him?

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No fix but also a A/C recycle issue maybe its part of the same problem im having.


When driving on the freeway i like to turn off the vents by hitting the recycle button to prevent air from outside blowing in. well a while back it stopped working like it wont shut the main vent anymore. and also a weird AC issue, still havent been able to determine if its when my truck is cold.. or if its a cold day etc.... but when i turn on my truck i start to hear a clicking sound with my A/C off. low but annoying. i later was able to figure out how to turn the clicking sound off by turning up the temperature from COLD where its always at to a couple notches up towards hot (like 3 up) and the clicking stops. wierd when its a hot day out and clicking sound goes and last thing i want to do is turn the temp up to hot. through all this AC works fine. just that recycle button and dumb clicking sound.banghead.gif

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This may sound weird, but last week mine did something similar.

My pass side vents were blowing hot air etc. At the same time I was reflashing my PCM and installing a tune into another PCM. So with my first PCM it was blowing hot air. Switched PCM's and it was fine, Flashed both PCM's with new tune, and now the A/C is fine. IDK if the reflash did something, or if the fact that I had the neg wires unplugged did it. Either way it works fine now. Might want to try and unplug the neg for a bit to see if it resets itself.

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My pass side vents are also blowing hot air. Do you mean unplug neg battery terminal or unplug the pcm?

By unplug he means the battery. It will reset you pcm to relearn so It's possible that it might correct it. I've had mine do the same but I simply just pulled over and shut the truck off and waited a moment then when I started it back up it was working fine.

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