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6.0 Short Block


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Ok well im finally getting arnd to building my new stroker so im selling the stock motor out the truck.... its a 6.0 will be a short block with 70,000 miles prob could use a oil pump no noise or knocks coming from it but oil pressure started to get arnd 40 to 50 looking to get 700 for it so lmk or shoot me some offers might work something out

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whats the boittom dollar shipped to DFW TX..... any hub near dallas TX will work for me.


also is it a LQ9 or 4?


Sorry if there is pictures I'm at work and can't view any. If not pics would be nice too.

Its 500 plus shipping and ill have to check nxt week im layed up ib ghe bed eight now pulled my back out today but ill find out i also got a 6.2 and 6 spd auto for sale too

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ill buy the 6.0 short block for 500 like you mentioned plus shipping. Just let me know when you are available to ship it and and we will work out a payment arrangement. Im currently depoyed in Afghanistan but We can figure a payment arrangement out whether my girl friend arranges it back home or me here.


emails: [email protected]

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