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Rotor "Lock Washer"?


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I am trying to find those washers that you find on the wheel stud that hold the rotors in place. Most of the time you have to bend and break them with needle nose pliers to get them off. My issue is I am getting a shimmy and the only thing left I can think of is maybe my rotors are not staying seated properly before I put the wheels on. I have had the wheels balanced a couple times already and I have had the wheels checked for bends and they are all within spec. When I do put my stockers on it is not as noticeable but it is still there.

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If anything the washers would help cause a shimmy by not letting the wheel seat perfectly against the face of the rotors. Have your tire unout and wheel digitally matched. By chance are the wheels stock? If not, you may need hub centric rings if the center bore is larger than the 78.1 mm size. Maybe a bent wheel by chance?

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