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Need Help Or Ideas

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hi there guys, need some ideas, purchased my second 255lph walboro fuel pump and purchased 2 6-an fittings one Y fitting with 2 6-an in and 1 8-an out this to install the second f-p but i didn't remember that as my truck has the intank regulator and now i don't really know how to proceed.......... any ideas!!!!!


i still want to do this, i am thinking to take the intank regulator out and add the second pump and make the hole on top of bucket to install the 8-an bulkhead fitting and use an external fuel regulator along with a filter and use the existing output fuel line as my return line even do i don't have idea of how i would install this fuel regulator that i still don't have,,,please help.....:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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Same fittings i got , but his truck already has a return sistem mine dont.

So im waiting for detailed help for my setup.

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Actually he is converting to a return system.

In order to do this the truck has to be retuned to a return style tune also.

Without knwing the specifics of your current fuel system, intake, or injectors it's hard to say what all you will have to do.

On using the feed lne as a return line, I have heard of it not working correctly as a diaphram in the line doesn't allow for proper return of fuel and will cause problems.




This thread may also help you out.

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