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Randomly Had An Offer Made.


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So yesterday I spent about 4 hours on my truck, washed, waxed, cleaned the inside, took some time on my rims and it looked incredible. So, I went to Dunkin Donuts to go get an iced coffee and coming out I see this guy staring at my truck so I'm walking towards it and he says " Hey, this is yours?" and so on after talking for alittle while about it he shoots me an offer for 15. Now, I didn't even pay 15 for this truck when I bought it 2 years ago and I took out a small loan for it so I'd be making pretty much all profit from that ! At first i thought he was full of it but he was an older guy and he gives me his buisness card and I guess he's some big wig at this well known Construction company only one town over from me. I told him sorry but there was really no way i could sell it I looked around for months trying to find an SS and I just love it too much. Sorry I never have pictures up though I'm not technology impaired I've just never been into that kind of stuff. But I'll try to get at least a few up pretty soon !

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I had the same situation happen twice except it was the dealership President. I was stupid not too because I could have walked away with a brand new Intimidator SS.

If I were you I would have sold it in a heartbeat knowing the guy is some "big wig." Tell him your firm price, sell it and go get another with less miles. These trucks are at their best selling point yet for a buyer.

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I had an offer 2 years ago at a truck show...looking back at it, I should have taken it. Every once and a while I see the guy at a cruise night and since he couldn't buy my truck...he bought an SRT-10 Ram with modifications.

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