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The radix came with a K&N replacement for the stock filter. We have been using this as our baseline when comparing the other air boxes. It looks like you and I are thinking along the same lines with the stock air box.




I've been told that Part 2 is tenatively set for the November issue which comes out a couple months before November. Testing for Part 3 is complete - this should go to the editor by the end of the week.

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Chevyhigh - this is off topic. You guys ran a 2 part article recently on GEN III intake manifolds where you tested several intakes against several camshafts. In the article, it says to log on to the site to view the dyno graphs of the final results. I have looked several times over the past month but haven't been able to find that info. I'd really like to see the dyno results for the truck intake for the 3 different comp cams and see the same graphs for the LS6 or FAST intake.


Reading the peak numbers doesn't give a clear picture of the power gains (or loss) over the whole torque curve like seeing a chart. Can you point me to the location of these results, or possible email me a picture of them?


Thank you


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