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Victory Red In Ma


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So I went to a cruise night at Kimballs farms and met 2 great people. One was a couple from Albany NY and they owned a Syclone. Holy moly, thing was amazing. Engine components easily 1-2 feet above the hood. 700hp N/A but around 1000hp with that nitrous.

Long story short, this old couple saw a Victory Red SS around MA and they said it was lowered, not stock ss rims, and had a really nice tone and looked great. Only one that comes to mind is 1sttimeSSguy. However they did say that the exhaust sounded a little deep, so wolfpac comes to mind. Just wondering Chris if you saw a flat black Syclone with NY plates, had general lee graphics on it. Also the couple showed me how to do some crazy stuff on how trucks cannot be stolen. Ill just say the gas cap was relocated. I plan to go back next week and talk to the couple, and see if they would like to go to LVD. They had a wheelie bar on the damn thing!!!



Edit - I should clarify that the engine was put on a dyno by itself (if thats correct terminology?), not the truck on a dyno for the hp rating.

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