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What I'Ve Been Up To Lately...

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just a warning, this is LONG and has many pictures! :jester:

here is the latest build i have in the shop. we have built a couple of them now, and i personally really like the kits. this is a 2011 base model corvette LS3 6spd, originally black in color. this vette has had a complete transformation into a beautiful Supervette. the car has a custom, hand made widebody kit. it is approximately 1.5" wider than the ZR1 on each side (total 3" front/back). its all made of fiberglass, and all the panels are actually lighter than the stock plastic panels, and about the same as the Z carbon front fenders. we use the OEM Z06 front facia, and keep the rear OEM facia (they are all the same). the front splitter, rocker extensions, and rear diffuser are also custom hand made pieces. these all model after the ZR1, but are slightly more aggressive than the ZR1. the color is called Balloon White, its a semi-gloss white pearl 3 stage paint, with GM gloss black on the roof, b pillar, hood and front facia. okay enough talking, what do you all think? :D


the widebody and custom parts began with priming and sanding...


the car was completely stripped down as we always do, as to get NO paint/clear lines and cover 100% of the panels, all to keep it looking OEM :)


and in the booth next to the vette, we have the custom parts all ready to spray-


then after the 120+ hours of prep work, it was time to mix the beautiful pearl!!


the tail lights getting ready for our unique process-


the new Z06 calipers ready to become flat black


and the final product of the lights...



this is the hand made exhaust tip for the diffuser


brake calipers ready to go


test fitting the tip-




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and heres the (somewhat) final product! its still got a few things to get finished but...





here you can see the width of the front fender- its VERY OEM which was the goal in designing these. we kept the OEM lines and basically just carefully moved them out 1.5" and made other little touches more aggressive where it was needed in our opinion :D





the spoiler began as a factory OE ZR1 spoiler, that was brought out and made more aggressive, but still nice and subtle ;)







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and heres the engine!! its due to get a vortech but the customer wanted to wait on that. anyway, we matched the fuel rail covers to the Balloon White and did the manifold gloss black. the letters are blank/white because i am still waiting on the new black decals






so that is all the pictures i have with me, but there will be many more this week once i finish the car. it seems to get a whole lot of attention so i figured id share it with some people who truely appreciate this kind of work :D your thoughts and comments are very welcome, as well as constructive criticism :lol: i will be active on here more often again like old times, so look for more threads following some of the builds in the shop, if you guys like seeing them! :)

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John make me one of those spoilers for the bed of my SSS wander how it would look on the back of a ss but split in 3 pieces


As always nothing but the best of work from you




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I could only imagine what you'd invision and do with my truck. From a white/blacked out truck owner to a customizer like yourself I say beautiful work, vision and execution! Great to see someone following their passion, doing excellent work and sharing with regular guys like myself. You, your truck and your projects inspire me.

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