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Pics Of An Ls6 We Built And Some Brake Calipers

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heres some random pictures of the LS6 out of the KP C5Z at the shop. i will post another thread when i get around to taking pics of the actual car lol.. all i have is crappy iphone pics of the car. its been torn apart most of its life since we bought it anyways :lol: so heres the LS6 we painted and rebuilt for the Z, new heads, new cam, big oil cooler, twin disc clutch, beefy axles, 6 piston brakes, etc etc :driving: ill post more details about it with the other pics, but in short it produces around 415 rwhp... but it wasnt built for that. it was built for compound boost! :M16:








the calipers are from an IS350, they are four piston OEM, mating up to a pretty big rotor (like 13.5" i believe). we have an IS250 in the family (GF ride) and ive been working on it for a couple months now, little bit here and there. i will post pics of that soon too :) it actually looks pretty good. ive always really disliked toyota and everything they make, but this car has won me over. it may be embarrassingly slow and underpowered, but the turbo is going on soon anyways ;) i custom mixed this color on the brakes, and pictures do it no justice. its got four different pearls in it, and i put them all in the clear coat so it really sparkles like no other :cool: oh and i finished the other black SSS emblems, finally lol





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i completely forgot about this thread lol! :banghead:


thanks for the compliments! and if anyone needs any work done- paint work, custom fabrication, design, etc- give me a shout. i give everyone on the forums a special discount (5-10% over cost on parts and $50 labor rate) from the normal retail and $90 rate. millitary and police get an aditional discount as well :D

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