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Looking For An Awd Dyno Tune...


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I have been searching for an AWD dyno tune in the Bay Area Ca and have had no luck. If I do find a shop that offers AW tuning, they are import specific and wont tune my truck.


Does anyone know of a place around my area that will do a tune for an 04 SS?




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Link to a video of a member out in Cali showing a dyno pull on awd system. I know that member has contact info in his sig. Hopefully he chimes in.


that is a dynopack and not all shops have the provisions for all four wheels...


You can also dyno in 2wd by removing the front driveshaft... JUST DO NOT DRIVE WITH OUT IN... Do not stop the rear wheels on the dyno either, as soon as you are about come to a stop, put the trans in NEUTRAL.


Many of us have done this with no problems what so ever...

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