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Cars That Catch Girls' Eyes


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That's pretty funny, girls around here go for the lifted pickups more than anything else. banghead.gif



haha, dude you're from GA, what did you expect......but don't feel too bad, cause I'm near Savannah, down here there are girls with redneck and the old confederate flag tattooed on their ass. They'd laugh at a Honda Civic. :chevrolet:

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From my experience this is all bs, Ive almost totalled my truck numerous times in the Prudential area in Boston due to older hotties waving at me, college girls waving and every age in between. The question is how will the ladies react to a Dodge Srt-10 Ram Nite Runner? I think the SS would get more looks hand down.


Then again you have to think the girl likes the car if she can drive it....what use is a big truck that she couldnt drive but find attractive.

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