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Sweet Orange Silverado Next To Mine Ss


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So when i first got my SSS 5 years ago. i was the only one around my town with a boosted LS motor. remember i live in Montana so newer modded Ls vehicle's are kinda rare. well like 6 months after getting my SS there was this orange slammed silverado that was rolling around with a blower. well one night we ran into each other and we did a run from a roll. i pull a good couple on length's on him. i tried to flag him down to chat about his set-up and he was one of those dicks that would never roll down his window. well its been 4 year and he has had a problem with me for no reason. well one night at a local car meet i confronted him to see what his problem was with me. turns out he thought i was some rich kid and that i just trashed what my daddy bought for me. which isn't that case by any means i have paid for everything on my own sense moving out of my parent's house at 15 yrs old. well anyways. now we talk and get along. his truck is pretty sick. heres some pictures of both of our truck's.


heres some spec's on his truck.

99 chevy silverado.

he put a 03 front clip on it.

has a stock 5.3 with a maggie on it .with a 2wd 4l80 behind it

SS 20s up front with SS 22s in the back.

everything shaved.












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That guy has put a lot into his truck.

yeah it turned out very nice. only thing that sucks is sense he shaved the door handle's he can't run at our drag strip. i'd like to see what it run's. another problem with it is it's hard keeping tires on it. it will lay rubber forever.

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I like it but I think it would looks better with 20's all around.



yeah in this picture you can really see the difference in the wheel's. i personally am a big wheel guy. i like my 24's but i'm really thinking its time to try out some SS 22's. ill never go 20's or smaller again unless its for drag racing.


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