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Changed My Username


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After 8 years of WIZARD I changed it up. I own a Paintless Dent Removal company. I'm not wand waving magician or online game player :yellow_loser:


I use to work for DentWizard before starting my company 8 years ago. so F it. New name....



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well welcome with your new name. :pepsicheer:


PDR is where its at. you guys sure love the hail storm's. there is good money to be made doing PDR from what the PDR guy's around here say. we had one hell of a hail storm come through here last year and it did tons of damage. there was PDR tents set up all over town. my wife's car got about $5500 worth of hail damage and my buddy's STI got over $11k worth of damage. not saying its easy by any means. but its something i wouldn't mind learning how to do. just so i can fix my own stuff. is there some sort of schooling you went to for this?

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I need someone in Cali to take care of my dents. How much more or less would it be to get rid of about 6 small dents. Just trying to get an idea.


Not enough info... 6 small dents? where are they? by small do you mean baseball sized or nickel sized?All over the truck or in one panel?


PM me and Ill let ya know as much as I can..

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