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Truck Use  

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  1. 1. How do you use your truck?

    • Keep it in the garage, only bring it out on sunny weekends!
    • Don't drive it a lot but it gets a little bit of use. Mostly for show.
    • Daily Driver, nothing fancy, just A to B and looking damn good doin' it!
    • Light Work, keep tools and such in the back, hey, it is a truck after all.
    • Workhorse, if I don't have my trailer and 500lbs of tools with me I'm not in the truck!
    • After I got my SS my wife left, the dog died of starvation and I forgot about work, too many mods, not enough time!

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Just wondering how everyone uses their SS.


I know they are amazing looking trucks, easily the best looking on the road in my personal opinion chevy_icon.jpg


But, they are trucks after all and I use mine like a truck, nothing really heavy but I'll be hauling the boat around when fishing season comes and until then I keep a few hand-tools (carpentry stuff, chop saw/compressor etc) in the bed.


I definitely keep it as clean as possible though, it's one super babied work truck lol. I keep some sheets in the box under the back seat to throw over the seats in case I get too dirty, and a different pair of shoes in case it's muddy!


So, what about you guys?




EDIT: I made it a poll that you can select more than one answer on since I know some of you guys park them in the winter but use it as DD in summer and such.

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always garaged, I take it out to local shows, drive it to work on Fri's. I'll drive it any distance, weekends, nights etc. on a clear day as long as parking is safe, area and away from elements.

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Mine is a DD. Just got back from Pittsburgh, PA. 800+ miles. Loaded with our stuff and 18 cases of Yuengling and some other beers in the bed. 75+ MPH and still got over 15 MPG. I'm sure i could have gotten better mileage as I've gotten as high as 18 MPG on road trips, no load and driving posted limits. But the horse always runs faster towards the barn. cheers.gif


A couple of weeks ago, built a patio with pavers and used it to haul supplies for that project. Have had workers comment about putting stuff in the back. Always load and unload from the back, never the sides.


Out with my Dad (83 years old and not a car guy) on this trip and had to whack it to get over a lane. My Dad's

comment was "Wow, what kind of horsepower does this thing have?" That made my day.


It's still a truck, and can be used as one. I actually like taking road trips in it because it's so damn comfortable, damn the gas mileage.



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Well I don’t have a garage (my garage is a glorified storage shed and would not even fit a smart car) so it sits out in all types of weather. I drive it daily, it get dirty (although I hate it when it does). I take it to the dump if I need to. I tow a boat and a 4 wheeler trailer occasionally. And I hall stuff in the bed if I need to. I drive it in 5ft of snow.



This is one of the good things about the SS. You can take it to the strip on Friday and pull the Quads to the Dunes on Saturday.


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I use the hell out of mine, its a truck. Used daily as a delivery truck, used on weekends to pull open and or enclosed trailers to the dragstrip with race cars on/inside them..and has been raced several times.


Hands down the BEST truck I have EVER owned. dbanana.gif


128,000 miles on the clock and this truck still rocks! I really think that I will drive it till die.

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