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Exhaust Size?


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I just got pacesetter headers, 2 round magnaflow 4 x 14 mufflers and a x pipe. I ordered 2.5in stuff. Will it have a big power loss compared to a 3in exhaust? Also kinda debating on the cats im just doin bolt on stuff. This will prob be it other than a tune.


Thanks for the info

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I agree, if you're doing dual exhaust 2 1/2" that will be more than enough. Even for single exhaust 2 1/2" isn't going to kill it over a 3" much unless you're really moving some air. I've dyno'd the differences and you'd be surprised at what point it's actually a difference when you have a free flowing muffler. Header primary size is always a noticable difference, but header back size isn't as much of a difference. In the older days it was because mufflers didn't flow for crap and bigger was certainly better at that point. As an example a 6.0L with a tvs2300 with cam, headers, and 10psi of boost I was working with on the dyno made somewhere around 600RWHP (can't remember exactly anymore). The difference between the full exhaust with 2 1/2" mufflers and 3" full exhaust with mufflers was 2rwhp.

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