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Long Crank


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Hey guys, as a used to have ss owner I know you guys are loaded with info on these trucks, I have a real head scratcher of a problem and am at the point of chasing a bad new part, looking for any advise you guys are willing to give, I have a 00 silverado 5.3l vin t, I have a long crank condition I have replaced fuel injectors due to misfires everything was good then developed a long crank ensured injectors no leaky while watching gauge drop , I goes from 50 psi to 30 and lower In about a hour but 50 to 40 in 30 seconds, has new fuel pump... Fuel pressure regulator was not leaking vac side replaced anyways, NOW I have. Buzzing sound from regulator and erratic pressure gauge readings And still the long crank! I'm very familiar with these trucks and have never been so lost, I found one post regarding the fuel rail on left bank(reg side) leaking internally.... Only thing I haven't replaced another $175. Sorry for long story thanks in advance for any help you may all have all parts 5 days old with little to no change in crank time maybe even longer.....

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Thanks for your input guys, there is plenty of voltage on tap, its just weird how the fuel pressure gauge will bounce like a burnt valve/timing will on a vaccum gauge, and that annoying hum/buzz from regulator, I disconnected lines at rail and dead headed pump i do lose pressure but not as fast when everything is hooked up. Maybe just throw another pump in it?...

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If you're regulator isn't leaking on the vacuum side all you need to do is see what your pressure is during cranking. If it's over 40 during cranking you need to look at other possibilities. Run it on a scanner and check your cam/crank signals, map sensor readings, maf sensor, etc.

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