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My Dd Thread


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well i never put up pics of my dd. in april i traded my 99 eldorado for this 03 SLS we got in on trade. i knew the older lady who traded it in for a long time since she is our Autotrader.com rep for the dealership ive been at for ever. she was very perticular about the service on the car and theres not a thing wrong with it. i got $4000 for the eldorado and only paid $1000 outta pocket. it had 142k in april and i just turned 152k. tinted the windows and i love this car. when i took my truck on a 600 mile round trip to carlise for GM nats, i couldt wait to get back into this thing. lol. no cruise and a std cab truck gets old after a few hundred miles. everyone feel free to post up you dd's here. maybe we can get a whole thread of people showing off what gets all the miles and abuse since i know alot sss dont.

post-18026-090131700 1319900803_thumb.jpg

post-18026-053583700 1319900809_thumb.jpg

post-18026-069952300 1319900820_thumb.jpg

post-18026-049013500 1319900831_thumb.jpg

post-18026-072171900 1319900843_thumb.jpg

post-18026-026604100 1319900854_thumb.jpg

post-18026-050024600 1319900861_thumb.jpg

post-18026-030351200 1319900874_thumb.jpg

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here is my daily rider a 95 sierra z71 on 33s



That's the identical to my first DD except mine was a 96 with stock wheels/tires, still was a great truck. Unfortunately my SS is my DD.

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