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Been A Long While Since I Checked In...

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Well guys been a long time since I been on and checked in. A lot of things have changed with my truck and setup. Well to start off I bought a new 2011 GMC Sierra Ext Cab 4x4 with the 5.3 and 6l80. You can say I pretty much jumped into it with mods as the very first day it went to the exhaust shop for a factory exhaust swap and cutout. I went with a factory Sierra Denali 6.2 catback reason be its all stainless full 3.5 inch flows good but still is really quiet. I put in a 3.5 inch stainless QTP cutout before the muffler to open it up when the truck goes to the track and for weekend cruising. Oh I even went ahead and polished the exhaust tip before it went on the truck (I bought it and had it in my garage before I bought the truck).
























About a week after the exhaust work I put in a little drop in K&N filter and got the truck tuned. These trucks from the factory are such dogs but really open up to custom tunes which alot of you already know but wow night and day difference. A guy local here in Corpus tuned it for me with HP Tuners. Drove the truck around for about a month like this but quickly got bored with it especially since a few of my friends have some nice 11 sec trucks. Soooo went ahead and ordered me a complete Nitrous outlet 90mm plate system with a 10lb bottle and 100 shot pills. Truck felt amazing launching out in 4 hi on a 100 shot right out the whole! All my previous trucks have been 2wd so this time with my truck being 4x4 thought I would take advantage of all the added traction lol. Got around to putting it on a buddies dyno, with the 100 shot pills in TR6 plugs and a retune for the nitrous ended up putting down 407hp 428tq. Not to bad I guess for a little 5.3. Bigger plans to come...




Kept the truck like this for a few months and then called up my buddy Kyle (KBRacing) to see about getting a nice turbo kit made for the truck. I loved the hit of the nitrous but got tired of filling the bottle and running out early in the night at local car meets lol. Well anyways after talking with Kyle I went ahead and put in an order for one of his stainless front mount kits with a new Magnum T72 water cooled ball bearing turbo. Drove up to Houston about a month later and picked up the kit myself because I was so excited to finally go turbo lol I didnt want to wait any longer. Like all of Kyles kits fit and finish was perfect install could not have went easier and the quality is top notch guy really knows his stuff! With the turbo kit on last thing was to get the cold side done. This was a bit tricky because no one makes a cold side intercooler kit for the nnbs trucks or at least were I wanted it behind the grille. I went with a House Of Boost 31x12x4 intercooler with 3 inch inlet/outlets. Really wasnt hard at all to get everything to fit. All I really did was remove the center grille support bracket (grille is still very sturdy) and trim off the 2 grille clips to keep them from hitting the intercooler. Intercooler fit perfect behind the big GMC grille and looks killer when you walk up to the truck and notice it. As for the piping my buddy Rowdy made some pretty nice mandrel bent pipes for me and came out pretty trick. He made it to were there are only 2 cold side pipes to keep the couplers down and the possibility of blowing any off. What I like the most about them is how he made the MAF into one of the pipes and how he mounted the blow off valve right after the intercooler and behind the grille. Def props to him. While I was waiting on the turbo kit to be finished I went ahead and ordered some other little support mods to keep things safe. First off ordered a set of FAST precison flow 52 lb injectors. Ended up ordering the wrong ones I ordered the short LS3s but instead of waiting to return them and going through all the headaches I just had some FAST adapters over nighted. Second Third and Fourth got in my Aeromotive 340 fuel pump, MTI "Hot Spark" wires, and Snow Performance stage 1 meth kit. With everything installed tuned and ready to go, put the truck on the rollers again just to see were it was at...

















Truck was setup at the time at 7lbs, meth and a pretty safe tune. Was having some problems tho as the dyno wasnt a load based dyno so had a lot of trouble to get the truck to boost more then 4-5lbs. Hitting such low boost didnt activate the meth so run wasnt so great. Truck ended up putting down 409hp but 489tq. Oh well more power to come...


Well shortly after that I got in my LSX RT intake and some little things but the intake being the biggest thing. Oh and upped the boost to 12 lbs which just feels nuts in 4 hi, truck gets out the hole hard and just keeps you planted in the seat. Truck has really come a long way in a short time but still has alot to go...




As of now the truck is sitting at my buddies shop waiting for a little engine swap. I got my hands on a super nice super low mile 6.2 long block for a really good price that will be in in a couple days so hopfully ill have the truck back by this coming up weekend and see what the new motor can do. Im pretty excited I really wanted a 6.2 truck from the get go but just couldnt find any at the time and anyways since I was planning on swapping the motor I just went with the next best thing. This motor swap wont be the last hopefully if everything goes as planned by the begining of next year ill have a fully built Virginia Speed 416 in and finally meet my 1000 hp goal. I know I still have a lot to go before I can be or even support that power level but so far so good. Ill keep you guys posted.

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Welcome back around, that is a super nice truck! Sounds like you've already gone though a lot of different changes and your still in for more! That's pretty crazy, what's your plans with the 6.2? Are you putting on the front mount setup from the 5.3? Anyways keep us updated with your project! pepsicheer.gif

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Thanks and yes sir turbo system is going on the 6.2. Everythig is transferring over except my FAST intake which sucks because I just bought it and prob have less then 300 miles on it. Oh well I'm lookin at the new holley high ram l92 intake anyways. I have already been in contact with Pat G about getting a custom turbo cam for it, and planning on doing some other mods. Nothing crazy though as I already want to start saving for my built motor. But should be plenty fun turbo 6.2 has such a nice sound to it lol. When it's finished I'll de post up some pics and more videos...

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Nice truck. Damn looks like I need to move to texas so I can make bank lol. You on a drilling rig? I'm on a production double out here in Cali.


Thanks man lol and nah I'm out here in the field on the Fracturing side of the business. I work for C&J Energy Services.

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wow thats pretty impresive. i hope u update this thread alot like a build thread. should be fun to follow all your upgrades



Thanks def will keep everyone updated... I have alot more pics to upload so as soon as I get home I'll upload them.

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Man that truck is REALLY nice, i've never heard of a Texas edition Sierra, thats awesome!



Thanks and really?? Texas edition Silverados/Sierras trucks are everywhere here in South Texas lol

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