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Turn Signals 'Sticking'... Anyone Else Have This Issue?


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long story short, every now and again for the last few months i would go to signal, and it would either remain lit or unlit. everything in the stalk feels just fine, not loose, not sticking or anything, im thinking its more an electrical issue than mechanical. its progressively getting worse in the last few weeks.


now, the first thing im thinking is i replaced my 7 way rv plug a few months ago with a model that has 'self-checking' led's, im thinking it could possibly be backfeeding to the bcm? ive got a new standard 7 way plug im going to install asap, but i figured i'd pick your brains and see if anyones had this happen before.


im under the impression that our trucks do not have a standard flasher, that its all solid-state somewhere in the truck. if anyone could shed more light on this subject i'd greatly appreciate it!

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One thing comes to mind is the gel/goo underneath the glass. How are temps where u are now? This is a wild guess but if your having real cold temps maybe the gel isnt working properly or frozen. Dont think its that cold out yet to cause problems though.

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