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Ss Stuff For Sale, Whole Bunch Of Random Items!


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hey guys, ive got some stuff for sale. my ss will not ever be built (at least while i own it), its just too damn reliable as a driver/tow vehicle. ive got a ton of odds and ends im selling, ill sell pretty cheap as i need money for my turbo bike project!! will have pictures asap, pm here or for faster response email me at [email protected] subject SS PARTS. so far off the top of my head ive got for sale:


taillights -oem

headlights -oem

tailgate- minor damage, but very good, easy re-spray

right side rear passenger door COMPLETE WITH SLATE INTERIOR, got it from a wrecked truck a long time ago for a really good price, thankfully never needed it.


almost all slate plastic interior pieces including door sill scuff pads, all cladding to cover center console, dash bezel, etc.

bose factory amp and sub

damaged but repairable ss rear bumper cover, i backed into a fire hydrant, damage is in the center, a tear about the size of a silver dollar, i can do all the bodywork and/or paint if necessary.

front bumper cover, good shape, but needs repaint -black no grills

front lower grill from an 03

stock intake/throttle body

mass air sensor


lots of other random bits and pieces. really trying to drum up extra cash for this bike project, dont be afraid to make any reasonable offer.


also have chrome ss wheels, one oem, 3 are rechromes, condition like 8/10, no real curb rash, extremely extremely minor pitting in the corner on one or two of the, never used in chicago winters. those will be coming off in the next week or so.


will crate/ship any/all of this.


let me know!

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I need the overhead console, i ruined one of the reflectors in mine. 03-06 is the same right? I just have map lights in mind with a little cubby hole- shoot me a pm w price to 03826 should be a flat rate item and ur paypal address thanks

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Ill take the other Bose front door speaker....how much shipped to 19047




How much for the front bumper cover shipped to 55803 {if shipped on Greyhound Bus is it any cheaper?}?

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What's the pics of the headlights and tail lights? And the amp and sub specs please

sorry guys, ive been in and out of the hospital with back problems this week. evidently one of my discs is shaped like australia instead of round and im lucky to be walking normally at 30 years old. i will have pictures up ASAP, but almost everything is in my crawlspace above my garage, and i cant really get in there in the next few days.


to clarify though


the only bose speaker i have is the sub (im actually looking for a front door one)

i wont seperate the wheels.

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