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Well I figured I would take advantage of this beautiful cold weather up here in the NE. So I decided to take my truck out to Maple Grove Raceway, and set PB is each pass. My previous PB was 12.99.


Run #1

r/t -.091

60' 1.820

330 5.122

1/8 7.925

mph 86.90

1000 10.387


ET 12.473

mph 108.17



Run #2

r/t .083

60' 1.750

330 5.039

1/8 7.838

mph 86.93

1000 10.298


ET 12.39

mph 107.73

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Thanks Zippy... When I got the 12.99 it was July 2010, and was tuned by Kevin. This time around obviously much cooler weather about 40s with these 2 runs. Also, worked a few kinks out and dialed the tune in, with a 3 tuning sessions with Kevin again. I am very pleased with the times!

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Nice work Tim! What is most impressive is you did not pulley down yet and you were at full weight! 11's will be easily done.


Beat on any ricers at the Grove?


No, earlier in the day when I was running there was mostly domestic cars. There were like 3 imports (ricers) before noon. I left at 11:30 to pick up my kids, then came back. When I got there after noon time, the staging lanes were completely reversed. Meaning the population heavily favored the ricers, which also led to LOTS of breakdowns. So, I am glad I raced when I did. The 1st race I beat a mid 80s modified Mustang and the second I raced a 2010 srt8 chrysler 300. Both races I won.

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