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Went to the track got some good numbers with the new LS7 90MM TB.

I was running mid to high 12's and got a new best ET time 12.53@105



Going to the track again at the end of this month hopefully run low 12's with the cold Nov. weather lol


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Congrats on the times!


That HOE's a runner for sure. What track are you running at? I might have to make a trip to see her run!

Thanks, i go to Lapeer Dargway.. I believe it's the only track that's opened all Nov.

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Very nice, that's getting it done. If I get ambitious I'll be challenging that time soon with my wife's Tahoe. Your setup looks very good btw, love the black with the SSS wheels.


Thanks Zippy, I need to see your Tahoe run!! When you going to bring it up so we can race em lol..


I honestly want to make my Tahoe the fastest out there.. I'm looking to do a 408/TVS1900 setup next spring/summer and then buy the TVS2300 after to power that big 408 stroker LQ9


Thanks again I was trying to clone that Tahoe SS concept .. Most of the parts were from a SSS

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