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Zex Nitrous Kit Plus Purge. Wet System.


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Ok well i have had this kit for 2 years and i have only used it a few times. now that im building a motor for more boost i don't need it anymore.

the kit is a zex wet kit EFI. with there purge kits. with the purge kit it all retails for $725.00

but the only jets i have for it are for a 65 shot. i lost the other ones when moving. but gets are cheap. this kit is the zex box. so you only need the box instead of 2 solenoid's. this with also come with a MSD RPM activation switch with 2 boxs of rpm pills. the msd pills range from 5000-5800 rpm and 3000-3800rpm.

the bottle is scratched up but works fine. its still on the truck. i won't remove it until sold. this kit needs nothing. it will come to your door ready to install. unless you want to add all the safety stuff. which you will need to buy. but i have ran 5 or 6 bottle's through this kit without one problem


with everything im asking $475 obo you pay for shipping.


heres what it will come with

zex 10lb bottle all the lines to get it hooked up

zex boxs which has nitrous and fuel solenoid's in it.

purge solenoid with the lines to hook it to the zex box.

zex nitrous wet nozzle and the jets for a 65 wet shot

msd rpm activation switch with 3000-3800 pills and 5000-5800 pills.

zex bottle brackets.

-an fitting so it will bolt right onto your fuel rail cross over.

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