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Stainless Steal Brake Cables For Avalanche


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Hello, I am looking for a break upgrade to my father's 04 avalanche. Mainly looking for breaded cables. it is an 04, has headers and exhaust and tune. He has been out of town for the past month and will be for the next couple months. The biggest difference between his truck and my vmax is the breaking. I plan on revamping his breaking before he gets back for Christmas. I think the best budget friendly way is breaded cables, does anyone have a part number they suggest?

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Does the truck have Hydroboost? If it's a vacuum brake setup the best bang for the buck would be converting to a Hydroboost. The cost will be a little more ( if you shop around it can be cheaper) than the braided brake lines. Hydroboost if not equipped would be the way to go!

I know some models of the 04 Avalanches came from the factory with Hydroboost so it would be a direct install.

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