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Wtb 2006 Chevy Ss Silverado Intimidator


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Hi everyone,


I'm desperately looking for a 2006 Chevy SS Silverado Intimidator, preferably black but will consider any color. I do not care where it is located, though California would be nice.. Reply or PM me if you have any leads.


Thanks in Advance,


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Yep, just like JDDMJ said they are all black. I really don't know what we can do more for ya man besides watching our "for sale" thread. When I wanted one bad I made sure to first be patient, and then go online and search every used auto outlet I could. Craigslist and eBay are gonna probably be your best bets. We had an ISS for sale up here in AK not too long ago, that bad boy sold quick.

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Beware of fakes like people slapping Intimidator badges on, just like people slap SS badges on non SS trucks. The DEI SS also has a different suspension than the rest of the SS trucks.

Your best bet might to be to contact member KelleyPerformance, he is in the car business with an aftermarket shop and he does immaculate work. He finds cars for people for a living, he will find you with the milage you want, or according how much you want to spend. Very nice member and is always helpful. May take some time to hear back from him, but I could try to make a call if he doesnt respond quickly, he is very busy customizing vettes.

Also consider the 2007 SS, they are the leftover DEI SS trucks, 1033 were made however only 933 were badged in 2006. So you could have a regular DEI SS truck, just without the Intimidator badge, the classic 2007 body style. Those are the most rare SS trucks, the 2007 classics.

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