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Drl On With 4Hi Mod


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so i did the 4HI mod awhile back with putting the diode in the pin connector under the knee panel in the cab now i am wondering if there is a way to keep my DRLs on when the hi/lows come on? is it as simple as putting in a diode or do i have to get a little more involved?


thanks logan

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OK another question. trying to do the Hi/Lo Mod with the diode, just got back from Radio Shak cause the lady said I needed to know what Ohm diode I needed. I got the info for the 1/4 watt diode from the guy here in the forum but what ohm diode do I need? Also DRL on all the time seems like something to do but I am wanting to install LED Switch Backs for my DRL/Turn signals in the bumper lights. My first thing right now is the 4 Hi Mod.


Please tell me what Ohm 1/4 watt diode I need.


Thank you so much.

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