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So basically after doing a bunch of reading, I ordered a tru-cool Max 40K GVWR cooler for my truck. I'm a little confused on the cold weather by-pass valve that they offer. Some people say that you absolutely NEED it if you are running the truck in cooler than 32*F weather, others say its not really necessary. I believe the specs say that the valve opens fully at 180* but my trans doesnt even get up that hot the way it is now even in the summer. So basically what I want to know is if the tranny can really be "too cold"

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I don't think you're going to need it. The biggest problem that forces that to be used is when you don't go through the radiator as well. If you run the tubes in the stock form which does the auxillary cooler and the cooler in the radiator you'll be fine. Keep in mind though not to drive it hard either way when it is cold. Even on those trucks that are all stock I never recomend driving them hard until you have the trans temps over 100 degrees which in cold weather is usually about the time the thermostat opens on the engine.

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