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4 Sale Nascar Diecast Dale Earnhardt Sr, Jr And Kevin Harvick


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OK, I finally got all of my NASCAR diecast categorized and ready for sale. As it turns out I have about 200 total pieces, some that are pretty rare, that Im going to put up for sale. My collection is mostly Action Performance Diecast with some Racing Champions and a few Winners Circle items. I have a few 1:18, quite a few 1:24, a few 1:32 and quite a few 1:64 scale.


As stated, I have about 200 pieces and thatis way to many to list here. If your interested in any of them email me and I'll send you an Excel spread sheet which has all the data and includes the current market value, low and high, as per the current Beckett price guide. I'm not looking to get rich but I wont be low balled either. If you see items listed that your interested in let me know and Ill send you pictures.


Most of my diecast has been displayed in clear display cases in a non smoking home. Some of them have only been removed from their box’s just for inspection. Here is a sample of what I have.


Here's an example of what I have,


2001 Dale Earnhardt #3 Oreo/GM Service Plus Monte Carlo CLEAR STOCK CAR. Both the car and box are in Very Good Condition. Current Becketts Price Guide Value, $175.00 Low, $300.00 High. I’ll take $185.00 Shipped.


2000 Dale Earnhardt #3 GM Goodwrench Service Plus 75th Win. This is the Platinum Car and is in Very Good Condition, there is slight shelf ware on the box. Current Becketts Price Guide Value, $100.00 Low, $200.00 High. I’ll take $110.00 Shipped.


2002 Action Performance Diecast, Dale Earnhardt Jr #8 Budweiser/MLB All Star Game Club Car Bank in Very Good Condition as well as the packaging. Current Becketts Price Guide Value, $40.00 Low, $75.00 High. I’ll take $50.00 Shipped.


I also have quite a few 1/64 scale for lower prices.


Email me at [email protected]


Thanks for looking.

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i had about 400 cars that i shopped aroubd for a while.i finally put them on ebay and took my butt whipin on most of them.the cars that brought the most was the dirt sprint cars and late model dirt cars.

but hold out for a good price if you dont need the money

i had a auction for my fathers estate with tolls and equipment and i made a profit on the last ones i had.

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Do you have the Peter Max scheme he ran in 2000?


I had a few different ones but now I only have 1 1:64 Scale Action Total Concept in a Blister pack. The Blister pack is discolored. and the book value is 25.00 low, 50.00 high. I'd like 30.00 shipped but the price is negotiable.


Email sent!


Email replied with pictures and prices

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