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2012 Calenders


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Just wondering if calenders are being thought of yet for 2012. Have about a month to put it together in December so we could get them out to members in January. Ive done my own truck calender but its just simple paper, not store quality. Wondering if anyone is interested in this, we could vote the trucks in each month (which I could help easily on) except I am not good at the production part of the calender. Especially with some trucks up for sale and ones that have been sold, I hope to make this a little tribute to those members and show the newbies what we use to have going on the site when I first joined.

Let the ideas fly gentlemen and ladies...:chevy:

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I can get each month squared away with each truck, we will have nominations. I just need someone who has a connect to getting some quality paper like in the previous calenders and who is willing to put it together when I get the trucks for each.


Some rules I thought of:

1. cannot have same color SS consecutively

2. one month might be a heavily modded SS, next month just a clean truck with bolt-ons and some apperance mods

3. If you drive your truck year round and in the winter, you will be featured during winter months. The summer only trucks would be summer-fall months


just ideas....

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I am with you Jeff, was hoping this would have been jumped one earlier but thought I would get the ball rolling as its December basically. I think it can be done, in time, but some serious crunch time. Luckily I have too much time on my hands so I can help and hope to have these done before xmas if working with the others.

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