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Z06 Brakes Installed

Joe Roknic

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wow nice. this is something that is on my list to do one day. what bracket's did you use. did you have any problems along the way with the install?



Used the brackets Rudy 91040 was offering awhile back. Brake lines had to bent a little bit and the backing plates on the rear had to be cut..... other than that no issues with the install. If i would do it again I would use a stainless steel upgrade on the brakelines

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Thanks for the compliments guys....... Rudy did a really nice write up on this install in the how to section. Price on this mod will very on where you buy your parts from, if you are patient you can find some awesome deals on the world wide web

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Looks good ol man. I remember when you put those rims on in KC. Your face lit up like a christmas tree. I can imagine what you did when you took a step back with these now.



Yeah I remember that (surprisingly). After I finished the brakes,The wife said it took 5 yrs off me lol

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