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Ignition And Induction


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Looking for a upgrade to my ignition system and maybe a good throttle body suggestions?



I got some red taylors 10.4 mm wires that a friend gave me, I'v been running NGK TR6 plugs, looking for a good coil upgrade and the best throttle body to work well with my radix, 80mm? 92mm?

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I'd do a 90mm throttle body like an LS3 or LS2. For that you can get the inlet from Magnacharger and the throttle body from Ebay or a GM dealer. You may want to consider having a custom inlet made an have a 102mm plate welded on your stock inlet and use a 102mm throttle body. For that I'd use a Nick Williams. At your power level that would be a great throttle body for the application. You will also need an X-Link to make it all work correctly.

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What is an X-Link? sorry, but I've never heard of one... like a cable?


its the interface harness that is needed by us truck owners to get a car style TB to work with our TAC and peddle modules.


torque rush

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Gotcha, I looked on Scoggin' Dickey's website and saw a Nick Williams "Drive-by-Wire" LSX Throttle body, would that work on our trucks, or is ours not a 6-pin wiring harness? My luck they aren't... lol




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