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Hood And Speedstur Installed


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Finally got my hood and cover installed yesterday. The hood I have had for 2 months it was so badly damaged in shipping that it took that long to get repaired and painted. Paint is waterborn matched to the vin of the truck. The speedsturr I got from cyriusmuscle here on the site, thanks Chris. They managed to damage that in shipping as well but just scratched clearcoat. So my painter will fix that in the spring when we wet sand and buff the truck. All in all it is rockin... along. Getting it put away this weekend BUT I will still be able to work on it over the winter so next in line are lowering, z06 brakes (thanks Rudy) and finish the stereo. sorry the truck is dirty. I will wash her up today before it goes away.

post-11909-090603200 1322314040_thumb.jpg

post-11909-016603500 1322314057_thumb.jpg

post-11909-047165700 1322314073_thumb.jpg

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stg313 - you can say that, I,ve done payables at the shop twice and held back on paying there bill because of that. I have already submitted a claim with my rep over the damages. We will see what happens. The shipper cannot be blamed completely they really should be boxing the hoods better, it basically is a box surrounding the hood and two frames for the top and bottom supporting the hood the front and backsides have no support at all. Chris's job on crating the tonneau was amazing and I am in awe on how the shipper damaged it dead center on the top side.


shawnss - I am thinking 2/3 drop for now. When it gets closer to the process I will think about it some more.


ssblue24 - the tires are 285/45/22, they were on the rims when I bought them and almost new.






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