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Bose Home Theater Speaker System


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bose isnt great , you should know by the sound in our trucks . for 600 bucks i would opt for a better htib(home thater in a box) , what kind of room are you working with , size and display comes to mind for best fit . if you have a decent sized room and a decent sized monitor id go for at least a 7.1 setup if you have room for some speakers . the bose sub is ok but nothing will beat 7 independent channels in their own areas.


i went through this a few years ago when i was setting up my new house , i went big in my living room and did a htib in my bed room , i went with an onyko setup , 7 individual satellite speakers and a decent sub with a receiver and it cost me around 600-700 bucks , since i was re modeling the entire home i went through the walls to hide all the speaker wire with plug in connections at the speakers if i ever decide to upgrade or replace and remove. it came with two decent towers and a nice sized center channel , this is with a 46 samsung led tv so not too big but compact enough to not get in your way in the bedroom.


this is the setup i bought on ebay for around 700 iirc



i went big in my living room since i have room , 60 pioneer elite plasma , dali in wall surrounds , in wall center channel and mentor 6 towers , along with a couple velodyne subs 10" and a 15" , its definately a theater experience , i also did opt for bose outdoor speakers for zone 2 in the back yard and a set of jbl signature 8" floor speakers in my garage to listen while i work .


another thing to consider is if you would like to have a second zone to hook up speakers and use simultaniously with a different source ( i often listen to the ipod in the garage while someone is watching tv the living room)


having a receiver in nice since you can add a variety of different inputs . where in the bose system you may run out , they add up quick , so multiple hdmi inputs are great , ps3 , xbox 360 , directv dvr , laptop, and smartphone are just a few ,

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Damn you did it up big. I had a decent set up I got at bestbuy last year but I sold it because I didn't want to run the wires that's the only reason I'm looking into the Bose set up. It's going in my living room its only about 25 ft wide and the tv is only about 10-12 ft away from where we watch. I have a 55 Samsung led tv.

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+1 for Onkyo. I just bought the S5400 and the only major difference between mine and Chase's is the front tower speakers, everything else about the same. I paid $350 for mine because I know someone who works at an electronics store. Same receiver, 3D capability, 7.1 channel, same self powered sub woofer, etc. Everything Chase said about the Onkyo is spot on. I looked at the cheap blu ray systems from Samsumg, Sony = pure junk. I also looked at a pioneer receiver with eithr JBL or Klipsch speakers and the Onkyo was by far the better value, easier to use and hook up, and sounded just as good, if not better...for less money. With an LED/LCD TV, you only want to have to run one HDMI to it to keep clutter behind it down. Instead of having the TV being the "central command", the receiver is. Run everything to that.


Here is a deal on a S6300 refurb unit direct from Onkyo.


List price on my S5400 is around $599 I think, but I have seen them for $499. And just because it comes with 8 speakers, doesn't mean you have to hook them all up since a lot of content is still 5.1 anyways. Plus, the S5400 I bought came with a tuner mic to place where you are seated and it will automatically tune the speakers to the placement of the mic.

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you do not mount home theater subs unless you build your theater around them , they need proper box's/airspace for good sound. They also are big and heavy so floor standing is really the only option for most people .

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Check out Boston Acoustic. Bose is good for the average person like a small bedroom setup or kitchen setup. Their wave radios are 2nd to none.

I have 2 Bose factories within 20 miles so I get their stuff pretty cheap, but these are the first reviews of the new setups. Back in 2000 when I was obnoxious I would get the whole neighborhood stirred up with my Bose setup. Eventually my Corvette neighbor tried to outdue me but we called a truce and we saw each others cars and best friends until he moved...:chevrolet:

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