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New Dd/Project


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Finally picked up something for a dd. Its a 1989 K5 Blazer Silverado. Power windows, power locks, a/c, cruise control, everything works. TBI 350 with the 700r4...i think. Mechanically solid, but the body needs some work. The rockers are rusted through, the rear fenderwells have some rust, and the tailgate does too. Other than looking a little rough on the outside, everything else seems to be good so far. here's a few pics.






got some work to do here...



had to make sure the 4wd worked...


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someone has done some work to the motor>>>headers covers etc. mybe some more stuff inside.


if ya ever need any TBI motor help let me know....been inside and out of em more times than not haha


^^^i hope you mean improving them not fixing them


never been a fan of lifted but hey your truck not mine and isnt a D/D suppose to be a "little" rusty laugh.gif

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thanks for all the compliments. i can't wait to start fiddling around with it. naturally you can't leave anything the way you got it.


found the original factory owners manual, maintenance schedule, and warranty information in the glove box. it was originally bought at reeder chevrolet in knoxville...kind of cool to find a truck that has stayed local and not been beat all to hell.


if ya ever need any TBI motor help let me know....been inside and out of em more times than not haha


i'm hoping i'm not going to have to tear into it anytime soon, but i'll give you a shout if i do. not in the immediate future but maybe on down the road i'd like to throw a mild cam in it and maybe do a few other things. have you done any tuning for the tbi motors? i haven't read up on anything yet....but is it a pain or relatively simple?



Love it. I had a 81 K5 and I beat the crap out of it. Love to see some good ole TN landscape too. Congrats brother


thank you sir. there's not much i've seen that can beat the mountains in east TN. gotta love it. +1 for another tennessean!

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