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First Time Stereo Install Need Pointers

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Its pretty simple.


The dash just pops right out fairly easy. I personally put the parking break on turn the truck on and put it down into 1st gear so the shifter is out of the way, and I drop the steering wheel as far down as I can.


The stereo is just bolted on and can be removed easily


That will get you started, I don’t know hom much other knowledge you already have about installing stereos in general, or if this is your first time.

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Installing a stereo has never been so easy as it was in this truck. All the wires are labeled, all the wires matched my Pioneer harness, it was a breeze. The dumbest thing I did was put the truck in first in my garage and not set the parking brake and working with my door open. Eventually the truck rolled back and hit the door against the garage door divider in the garage. Doh! Hard to explain but didnt do much damage at all. Few scratches. Oh well it is a VHO not some SS show truck. :freak:



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I just recently installed a Pioneer X920bt in my SSS. There are alot of "extra things" to install to get everything working ie... Steering wheel control interface, sirius tuner, factory wiring harness. Anyway what i will tell you is to plan ahead. Think of where to put things behind the dash. Dont just throw it behind the stereo and call it good. And run all of the extra cables at this time- RCA's, backup camera, video cables, etc.. Just my 2 cents.

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