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Need Alarm Advice ?

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So 2 years ago in AZ I had my truck broken into and my stereo and Ipod Stolen. Saturday night I accidently left my truck unlocked and someone got into my truck but did not steal anything. Then on Tuesday my neighbor came over knocked on my door and said he went out to smoke late Monday night and saw someone looking in the window of my truck, then the guy walked away. Originally I just figured it was some punk kid(s) walking down the street checking cars to see if they were unlocked, but now I think someone saw what they liked in my truck and decided to see if they could come back for more.


Well I finally decided Im going to get an Alarm


There are only 2 places in town that do Alarms and one of them I refuse to go to because I had some issues with the owner. The other place is the place that built my custom sub box, installed my amp, XM and deck and I am very happy with there service.


I was looking into getting and Autopage with the 2-way communicator. The one im looking at does not have remote start. As much as it would be cool, IDK if I really want to spend the extra money.


I was looking at this one: RF-425LCD


The guy said he would Install it for $350. That includes the cost of the unit, install, and the datalink so it can be hooked to up to a GM vehicle. Is this a good deal? I have found the unit for about $90 and the datalink for $60-90. he told me $250 for the unit/install and $100 for the Data link

Is around $200 for the install a good deal? IDK if this is something I want to try to do myself.


If I do decided to go with Remote Start this is the one: C3 RS-915LCD


They told me $499 that includes the unit, install, datalink and the extra cost of hooking up a remote start. So the install of this unit would be around $250 including the extra for the remote start.


So I just have a few questions for those with Alarms:


Are Autopage alarms a good choice? (everything I have read seem positive)


Does $200 installation seem reasonable?


Is this something I can do myself, or have the pros do it? (I have installed many stereos before so I have a decent electrical knowledge)


Is it worth the extra $150 for remote start?

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Well every place is different but I know around here the 200 dollars for a install is about right. For my alrarm and install it was right at $500 but that was a viper 2 way alarm with lcd screen and all the fancy stuff. As for the alarm brand I can't say anything about it. I have never had they brand. With my viper alarm I had a few problems but nothing that wasn't able to be fixed. I now have a compustar alarm on my gsr and its one of the nicest alarms I've had. It has a ton of options and it even has a built in turbo time which I really like. It let's your car idel for 3 minutes after you shut it off so the turbo and motor have time to cool down so you don't shut it off when the turbo is 1300 degrees. It has auto start so if it gets to cold at night it will start your car to keep it warm and it has auto start for hot summer days to, so if its to hot the car will start and cool it down. It has a crazy amount of options and the unit itself is like 300 or 350. But if you go with the auto page let us know how it is. If you want a link to a nice compustar let me know.


ok the compustar is only around $200

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I have the same unit but with remote start.

I haven't had any real problems with the system at all, but the transmitter does go through batteries a lot. I installed mine, and although it wasn't a total PITA it wasn't the easiest for what I installed with it. I used the datalink to keep my heated seat functions, and added the glass break sensors, battery back up, window roll up, and a secondary shock sensor.

I would also like to say that the range is awesome with this. I can start it from inside my work (factory) about 200yds away and also get feedback from the pager at atleast 1/2 mile.

I recommend it! thumbsup.gif

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I've had mine broken into even with a clifford 2-way paging alarm. I'm sure the new alarms are better then mine from 4 years ago but there is always a way around everything. In conjunction with an alram you need this...http://www.jimmijamm...n,%20031500.htm.


Also, on the back of your stereo there should be a bolt hole. Go to a hardware store and find one that fits in it. Next you'll need to find a medium duty chain about 1-1.5 feet long. Secure one end of the chain to the back of the stereo with the bolt then secure the other end of the chain to the steel brace that sits about 6 inches behind the stereo. I used self taping screws to secure it and wrapped the chain so it wont make noise.


Next, I made a custom frame using a steel strap that surrounds my stereo and bots into the factory mounting locations since any aftermarket frame is plastic and easy to rip out.


Lastly you can also add this on your stereo. Thieves don't know if its true or not but will definitely get them thinking twice before breaking in.



All in all nothing stated in my post or above will stop a determined thief. However they are just meant to slow them down and get them frustrated. A thief does not want to spend more than 60 sec in a vehicle. So with these items slowing them down they will most likely give up.


Another option (and my favorite) is to sit on your front door step with a shotgun and shoot anyone that comes on your property. Remember...A dead man tell no lies...


*Desclaimer.....I am not responsible for anybodys actions after reading this post.

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Another option (and my favorite) is to sit on your front door step with a shotgun and shoot anyone that comes on your property. Remember...A dead man tell no lies...


*Desclaimer.....I am not responsible for anybodys actions after reading this post.




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