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Ft Worth Install Party

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Ill be home from Afghanistan for leave Jan 5rd-22th. I have my cam/pushrods/valve springs/timing chain/injectors/160 thermo that I am wanting to install while I'm home. Anyone wanna come over and make it a G2G? We can BBQ and make a day of it. Let me know! If nothing else I'm gonna have to pay to have it installed since I'm going to be in Afghanistan till Jan 2013.



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Good luck with the install. If I was closer I'd be there. Make sure you invest in a good spring compressor. The ones from Vatozone are a PITA and will break.



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That would be sweet but i'm sure he'd need more of an incentive



well lets make it an install/tune party and bring in some peeps that need some tuning, idk if its even possible or how many trucks he would need to make it worth his time. Worse comes to worse Ill just have to do the mail order swap.

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Hey what drop u got and those are 22s right



I got a djm 3/4 drop from NORCALSS, on 22's. I cant remember the tire size ill check tomorrow when its not freezing ballz out. Sorry its not even bigger for some reason this is as big as my phone takes pics

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