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Radix Installed


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Well I finally got the Radix on last night and took it for a drive....holy hell this thing is fast!!! I was going 80 on the freeway last night and punched it and in a matter of seconds I was at 120!! A big thanks to Aaron ( Bad Ass Silvy) for giving me the breakdown on his install and to Zippy for taking the time out of his day (while tuning a quarter of a million dollar sandrail) to through a quick blower tune on my PCM. Hopefully within the two weeks I'll be able to take it down to him for a full dyno tune. Unfortunately I think the fuel sending unit was damaged during the install becuase now my gas gauge says empty after I have filled it up. I'm also getting a P0463 - Fuel Level Sensor Circuit High Input engine code. So it looks like I get to have the fun of pulling the tank again! I should be in the process of installing my wideband,fuel pressure and boost gauges this weekend. I see if i can post a vid of the blower and the speedo.





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