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Magna Charger For Sale With Lots Of Extras


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i have everything you need for my intercooled maggie, snow performance kit, throttle body mounted on it already, will send pod, boost guage, and air fuel guage, have both set ups for 03 with 2ndary fuel pump or for my o4 and up(just need to buy a new fuel pump from magna $150 it has 48lb injectors. several serpantine belts. i dynod 485hp 510torque to the rear wheels. tuned by dyno tune in Watertown sd. i dont want to have to send this in the mail but if the right person comes along we can probably work something out. i have well over 8000 into it but would part with all for 3500. I have 2 kids under the age of 3 and another on the way so i need to make some changes in my life to cover my expenses.

And for that mater i have an 05 repsol 1000 with full micron pipe, serpent headers, power commander and lots of others i need to get rid of just in case one of you is looking for one kick ass bike. along with a maggie.......

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Is this a 112,122,or a TVS system?


How many miles on the Repsol? Price?



the blower is off the truck, color is silver, and i am the second owner the first had 19000miles and i installed it on my o4 and put on about 10000 miles max( total maybee 30000) I have some pics on craigslist autoparts, aberdeen, SD


The repsol has 3400miles, i have over 14000 into it (i also have a 1st addition leather repsol jacket to match not a re-make, also have repsol helment never worn. i hate to get rid of either of these i said i would never sell this bike but i will if i need to. i am asking 8000 for the bike and i will try to get pics of the charger and the bike on the site if i have time later.

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Dang, okay thanks anyways.



sorry this makes me feel dumb as sht, i am just reading the #s off the bottom of the charger so i dont really know what the acutual diff are between the 4. Can anyone enlighten me so i can make sure exactly what my charger is?????? please help i am feeling dumb with all you motor heads.....

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Show off lol cheers.gif


Here is a link where I have some pics I am having Leblanc putting them up on this page.

My charger does look slightly different from your pictures but maybe it is just a different year. Please give me feedback to anyone that looks at my craigslist link....

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