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Look Out East Coast , Here I Come


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ill be on vacation in new york , staying in uptown manhatten in a 5 star hotel . right in the middle of everyething


plan to hit all the touristy crap , liberty , ellis island, ground zero, a few shows and most important i need rec's on what else is a must? i need all the good food places , thats what im all about , high end , sushi and steak , sea food , i want the best of the best money irrevalavant , i have all my pimp cloths so im game.


what you got?

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How long you their for? Always have to go to a Rangers hockey game, would say knicks basketball but their just getting ready....I always take Acela to NYC and just hop around MSG after the Bruins vs Rangers hockey game. My money is going to mods right now but might could squeeze a trip in, be careful with your flashy clothes even the basketball and football players get robbed easy.


edit-my girl knows NYC like very well, might have to take her down if your still in the city when I get my next paycheck and meet the man himself with the record truck. :pepsicheer: I am taking a trip out to cali next year in the earlier months, dont know if I can take the cali heat in summer.

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When are you going?


I work 15 minutes from Manhattan, been there a few times but try my best to avoid the city. I could give you some must see spots...




Red Eye Grille - Red eye grille website Bit more upscale but still "reasonable" prices. Nice atmosphere...they make a great surf and turf entre.


Tao - alot of eye candy to go with your meal. MAKE RESERVATIONS. TAO restaurant website


Nobu - if you like sushi and very good looking half naked Japanese entertainment, this is your place. A little pricy. Nobu website link


Sushi Samba - If you are looking to see a celebrity, this is a good choice...a bit more "hip" but still fancy. Sushi Samb website



As for clubs:


Pasha and Lud Low Mannor are good choices if you can get in.

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When will you be here? I'm in the city Tuesday through Thursday every week. We could get together for a beverage after I get out of work. I'd love to meet you face to face!


I'm not very up to date on high end spots (I tend to gravitate to pub type places!), but there are plenty of them... in the theater district (mid 40s to mid 50s) on the west side of midtown, Tribeca and Soho downtown, all around the town actually. :-) I'll see if my work friends have any suggestions and let you know.

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Im arriving at JFK on the 17th and departting on the 23rd so I have plenty of time.

Kevin thats exactly what im looking pm me your number if you have some time


Id love to meet you guys and have some drinks


I was planning to propose but have de ceided to wwit UN less the perfect oppurtunity arrises


Im also going to be in Vegas for new years and have alot of fun ahead

I forget the hotel im staying at as im sending this while ive been in traffic for 3 hours after yesterdays tanker fire that ruined l.a.'s freeways


Anywho I have alot to do today and tomorrow getting ready for the trip trying to get the house cleaned,pack,reservations and all my bro n law is helping out and staying at my hoise so my dog doesent rip it apart


Btw the Ss is ready I drove it home and feels healthier than ever and parked at home after a long refresh


Ill try and post again but I know ill have time once im in the air

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Well just paid 9 bucks to use my wifi and so far so good 4 jack n Cokes and I should be passed out here in a few and ready for a nap amd massage tommorrow am. I got some dre beats studios and itsaking the flight great . I had about three hours to kill while in the airport and was one of the lucky few to under go the full body scan.so everything is good for now cant wait for the awesome food for the entire next weeif anyone wants to grab a beer this weekend or week send me a pm and we.'ll do it up going to use the rest of my time to browse some porn and join the mile high club .......


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Dayum they tore you apart?!?! I was strip searched in Switzerland to Italy and it was all due to a damn metal belt buckle, must have looked suspicious to the guards though and this was April 2001. Im damn bored Im ready to get a ticket to NYC right now, had a load of drinks at the restuarant and the wait4ress bought me a xmas present of a 6pack as a loyal patron. Welcome to the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic buddy, hope you enjoy!


edit - the Acela Premium club is fun :pepsicheer:

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